Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Don’t fear Competition, Make competition to fear you

If you are a great swimmer then you can swim faster and take part in a competition. Everything starts like a race either life or a sport. If you want to be a great swimmer and make champion in swimming so don’t fear with competitions.


If you are searching for any guidance for swimming lessons come to learn to swim Singapore a swimming academy Block 520 Serangoon North Avenue 4, #06-182 you can come and get lessons from our expert swimming coaches. Some of the peoples are feeling hesitated with competitions and water but they want to swim.


Learn to swim coaches provides full attention and motivations to makes you boast your stamina to beat the competition and makes it fear with you  

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Learn Swimming | Sengkang |Hougang Swimming complex |swimming Lessons Singapore

Joe Ong panglai is full time swimming instructor or coach. He continuously feeling enjoy in teaching swimming Lessons in Singapore for all ages peoples  varying from the children’s from 3 years old and toddlers also. That’s why Joe opens its swimming academy name as Learn to swim “Singapore".

Learn swimming with Learn to swim is very safe and secure you because we managed our swimming classes with a humor and make his lessons joyful for his students.

The most probable thing is that his motivation helps all to come out from fear with water, hesitation and learn how to make safe from water with equipment’s during Learn swimming Sessions. 

Learn to swim highlight, water safety and survival; and is feverish about what he does. He knows her students very well and understands their weakness. And provide them a great pace of swimming abilities.